Process Water

  • Screening

    Side-hill, Rotary
    Internal and External

  • Filtration

    Basket, Fiber, Back Flushable,

  • Chemical Feeding

    pH, Polymer

  • Clarification

    Gravity, Flotation

  • Water Reuse Technology

    Industrial Systems


  • Screening

    Side-hill, Rotary
    Internal and External

  • Oil/Water Separation

    Above Ground

  • Clarification

    DAF Plate Pack and Open

  • Biological Treatment

    Aerobic, Anaerobic

  • Dewatering

    Belt, Screw, Plate and Frame

  • Control Systems

    Manual, Automated

  • Aeration Upgrade

    Regenerative Turbine Pumps

  • Accessories

    Chemical Feed, Tanks,
    Pumps & Controls

DAF Effluent by PEWE

Why Clients Contact Us...

  • Permit Requirements
  • Compliance & Cost Savings
  • Water Conservation or Reuse
  • System Optimization
  • Test & Audit Services
  • Wastewater Training

AUQUIX listens to our client's management goals and designs a system solution for maximum efficiency. The specified final design brings it all together in a convenient integrated package. Clients get better performance and efficiency while keeping operational costs to a minimum. Key system features are small required footprint and easy maintenance. AUQUIX Client System Engineers give seamless service from initial survey through delivery and installation. Be assured the AUQUIX team will be there with support now and in future.

AUQUIX High Efficiency Process Solutions Reduce or Eliminate...
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
Turbidity (NTU)
Heavy Metals

AUQUIX Clients

Industrial, Beverage, Dairy, Electronics General Food, Meat, Pharma, Poultry, Pulp & Paper, Resource Extraction Vegetable, Petrochem & Municipal

Food Manufacturer by Auquix

Food Manufacturer
YIBO, Inc.
Warrenton MO

Meat Processing Plant DAF by Auquix

Meat Processing Facility
Columbus Salame
S. San Francisco, CA

Amerities South Handshake by Auquix

Petrochem Plant
Amerities South
Hope, AR

Dairy Processor DAF Upgrade by Auquix

Dairy Processor
Foster Farms
Modesto, CA

Edible Oils Plant DAF by Auquix

Edible Oils Facility
Adams Vegetable Oils
Arbuckle, CA

Poultry Processing Plant DAF by Auquix

Poultry Processing Facility
House of Raeford
Nesmith, SC

Beverage Plant Biological System by Auquix

Beverage Plant
Hood River Juice
Hood River, OR

Dairy Processing Facility by Auquix

Dairy Processing Facility
The Dannon Company
Portland OR

Vegetable Processor DAF by Auquix

Vegetable Processor
Payette, ID

Egg Processing Plant DAF by Auquix

Egg Processing Plant
National Foods Corp
Arlington, WA

Butter Manufacturing Facility by Auquix

Butter Manufacturing Facility
Larsen's Creamery
Clackamas, OR

Willamette Egg Press by Auquix

Egg Processing Plant
Willamette Egg Farms
Canby, OR

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"10 Commandments for Effective TSS Treatment" by Stuart Ward
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AUQUIX Delivers Systems:

Poly-E DAF & SuperSkreen SSP
All American Pet Protein

The Dannon Company

Rumiano Cheese

YIBO, Inc.